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قفل کردن usb برای اتصال فلش

قفل کردن usb برای اتصال فلش

Usb lock AP v2.5

قفل کردن usb برای اتصال فلش

USB LOCK AP simple, and straightforward interface, has been designed taking careful consideration to its effectiveness, and usability Effective: USB LOCK AP is the tool of choice if you need to prevent information loss due to the unauthorized use of USB storage removable drives, CD-RWs, and Floppy. Without blocking other USB devices like printers, mouse, cameras.....etc. It is suitable for either Home or business use (In cases when the user is allowed to manage his or her own security) Its anti-hack security works as a windows Service at Local System level allowing the program to effectively run even on computers with no privileges.


Easy to use: USB LOCK AP allows the user to authorize or restrict, at his or her convenience, the use of USB storage removable drives, All CD ROM/CD-RW drives, and Floppy Disk drives. From its very easy to use, password protected interface.

-- Plus

Easy Drag & Drop Folder Protection

a Drag a folder you would like to protect

b Drop the folder on the USB LOCK AP Protection box

*To unprotect the folder repeat the procedure

- The icon will change so you know the folder is protected

- The folders will not change position in your directory.

- When you unprotect the icon will return to normal and you will have access.

-- Lock Transparent

Lock Transparent function allows you to lock the PC but still be able to see the contents on the screen.




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